At North Elevation Church, we have the responsibility of making our community of faith a place where people of all ages are encouraged.  The larger mission and vision of NEC is to help people of all ages meet Christ, know Christ, and serve with Christ.  A primary aspect of this challenge is to engage teenagers in the life of our Community of Faith and Worship. 

If we are to do that, we each need to contribute in making our Community of Faith more youth-friendly.  Please keep reading to understand important components to help us in this important work.

What does a youth-friendly Community of Faith look like? 

  • Teens need a sense of real belonging. They need a meaningful place, in a church where they are valued, where they feel they belong.  This means they can say with conviction, “This is my church.” 

Our goal and challenge are to help them find a real sense of belonging in our Community of Faith.

  • Teens need respect rooted in their valued skills, and they do have skills. They need your help in developing those skills to serve the Community of Faith, and then they need to have those skills affirmed as valued by all of us.

Our goal and challenge are to equip our teens and then give them a meaningful place in ministry.

  • Teens need a sense of self-worth, whereas youth, they know they are accepted and valued for simply being who they are, not merely for their contribution as workers.

Our goal and challenge are to show our teens consistently that they are deeply valued and loved as individuals.

  • Teens need reliable, and most importantly, predictable relationships. They need at least a few close relationships with members of the Community of Faith.

Our goal and challenge are to see that each teen is connected in a mentoring relationship here at North Elevation Church.

Lead Pastor Cory