As we continue to look at the 3R’s of NEC we will take a much more in-depth look at the second R “Resolve Conflict between Individuals and Families.” If we as leaders at NEC are going to help those in conflict and fulfill the second R effectively, we must look in the mirror and ask this question; “Am I in conflict with God?” Better said; “Am I offended at God?”

Before you say a resounding no I’m not, let me ask a few more questions.

Are you offended at God because of the way He has chosen to use you and where He is using you? Are you offended at Him because He hasn’t given you what you want? Are you offended at Him because the prophetic word or word of knowledge you received at some point is not happening as you interpreted it would? Are you offended because your dreams may be happening but not as you had envisioned they would or because they haven’t happened at all? I could ask many more questions to make sure we can say no I am not offended at God.

So, with that, let’s do this. I will give you my best practice I use to help me identify if I am offended at God. If I find I am, then its bend my knee before my Heavenly Father and ask His forgiveness. Remember, Jesus made it clear; it’s all about doing God’s will and not our will that matters.

Best Practice- As a leader at NEC, write down at least six to eight reasons why you are committed to doing what you do for the benefit of the Family of Faith at NEC. Now take the next 30 to 45 minutes and sit silently, listen very carefully because the Holy Spirit is going to reveal or remind you why God plucked you from where you were to NEC. He will reveal or remind you of the importance of being where you are so that you will be in His will at this point in your life. Then if you need to bend a knee, then this would be a good time.

For all of us to actively fulfill the second R, we must not walk in an offense toward others and especially not toward God.

– Pastor Cory