There’s been so many testimonies regarding what God is doing in so many lives that has come out of the series, “There’s An App For That.”  There has also been just as many testimonies to what God is doing in individual lives during Worship at The Encounter each Sunday.  Let me share just one of those testimonies with you.

“This morning’s worship service was a true encounter for me.  It was like each song was meant just for me.  Unable to sing, I stood or sat as tears streamed down my face.  I listened to every word as they soaked into my spirit.  Thank you God for caring so much for me to minister peace and refreshment to me this morning.  Thank you Kathryn and the worship team for seeking, listening to, and leading the songs that God ordained for today.”

“I Love Our Church Family.”

God is doing amazing things during our Christian Worship! Come and experience another Supernatural moment together that only Community Worship can bring.  That moment where you enter a “Genuine Personal Worship Encounter” with Him.  Don’t miss that moment. That moment where you enter that quiet, peaceful place in the shadow of Almighty God. That Supernatural reality of Community Worship when the Church, who is you, comes together as one. 

God has something personal to share with you each day during worship. Don’t Miss It!

Lead Pastor Cory