I had to do that tonight because of hearing “Happy Holidays” so much today.  I know, employees are told to say that! Why? Because employers don’t want to offend anyone with the real reason we celebrate Christmas.  Here’s a truth, the substance of Christmas can be summed up in one incredibly brief statement: “The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us” (John 1:14). 

What if we change from saying Merry Christmas to quoting John 1:14 as our greeting, what might happen?  Perhaps, just maybe, the Christmas season would have more depth.  I’m absolutely convinced that our understanding of Christianity stands or falls on what we believe about the statement, “The Word became flesh.” I want to ask you and me an earnest question tonight, one concerning this Christmas season: Do you really believe the Word—God—became flesh?

It’s one thing to think of an adorable baby surrounded by gentle beasts, but are we ready to deal with the reality of God living among us, revealing Himself to us right now?