What the Blog am I Doing???

At its simplest, blogging is little different to any personal communication you have during the day. You put out a message and at the very least, hope it’s heard; but in reality, blogging encompasses far more than that. The reasons we all have for blogging and being part of the online community are even more complicated.  I’ll try and break down my own reasons for blogging, and a few more based on observation and speculation.

Sharing My Opinion

Blogging is excellent way for people to share their opinions outside their day to day social groups. It’s an opportunity to put forth opinions and thoughts on subjects that you care about to a large, varied audience of differing tastes and perspectives. Getting the affirmation of our own opinions is naturally reassuring, but also being able to debate and discuss differences in any community is just as important.

As the Youth Ministry Pastor here at North Elevation Church (NEC) my youth group, CORE517, is generally well behaved and is a relative safe-haven for common sense commenting, even when they’re in disagreement.  Teens have various opinions, mainly arising from different socioeconomic or environmental backgrounds.  Many have the ability to share openly, others hide in a shell and rarely come out; but that is during “open air” communication, where eyes meet eyes and a disagreeable stare is enough to keep some in their shells forever. 

A blog however, allows us to flex our, as Mark Cuban famously stated, “Twitter Muscles.” We tend to behave differently behind the mask of a computer screen, where only digital pixels stare back at us. Where someone who normally wouldn’t stand up and make a statement, instead speaks out loudly because they feel empowered online.  Here is where I hope my blogs find you, in an unsecured place, a place where you feel free to share your honest opinion.  A place where you can tell about your love or hate for a subject, all I ask is that you agree or disagree tactfully; this is a church blog after all.  

Pastor Collin