This Sunday, Feb. 12, “Occupied”

Your alarm goes off at 6:30 am, and you’re getting yourself, your kids, and your spouse out the door for school and work, straight from the school drop-off line, into rush hour traffic, into an 8:00 am meeting, into a 10:30 meeting and on to your lunch at your desk. Your day is filled with meetings, work conversations, picking the kids up from school, cooking (or buying) dinner, getting everyone ready for bed, brushing teeth, and taking baths; your day is filled to the rim with an overwhelming and overly tiring schedule. 

All that, to wake up the following day and repeat the entire process.  In that busy schedule, where was your time with Jesus? One of Satan’s greatest tricks to keep your focus away from God is to keep you OCCUPIED. 

This Sunday, Pastor Collin brings his message entitled: OCCUPIED.