Let’s see; God conversed with Adam in the first garden.  He told Noah to build an ark.  God spoke to Moses through a burning bush.  He was talking and promised Abraham a son.  Paul heard His voice on the way to Damascus to arrest Christians.  But, does God indeed still speak to anybody today?  If so, how? When? Where?

Often when people ask me this question, they are not just talking about an audible voice.  They want to hear God any way possible.  The truth is God can do that; he can speak audibly.  He did that with me under that mobile home in 1983.  You know, He can do anything He wants.  Come on now this is God.  

There are so many ways He is speaking to us each day. We’re just not listening; that’s the problem.  Well, it can be the problem.  However, I think it’s something else.  I believe most people don’t even know all the ways God is speaking to us each day, whether through time at church or aspects in our daily lives. 

God treats each of us as unique children. None of us are in any way cookie-cutter Christians, we are custom-built by God.  Because of that, God doesn’t “speak” the same way to all of us.  With all that said, during the rest of the N-Sync2 prayer series at church, I will unpack ten ways God often uses to communicate with us each and every day.

Pastor Cory25