Do you make daily prayer a priority, and not just once a day?  What I mean is, do you pray multiple times a day?  Let me ask this important question: Do you wake up with God and end your day with God in prayer?  Did you know that prayer is vital for your family?  Furthermore, it’s just as important for your friends.  Prayer is the lifeline to God and connects us spiritually with Him.  Here I go again; it’s not all about you or me, it’s about others!

It completely astounds me to think that our God who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent wants to spend time with me.  I’m absolutely nothing compared to Him, and yet Cory Smithee is the number one thing on His mind every second of my day!  That same reality is yours as well.

Praying on a daily basis must be a top priority in our walk with the Lord. Terminating prayer is like ceasing to drink water.  Both prayer and drinking water are a life source.  If you haven’t established a Prayer Rhythm, I encourage you to be at church tomorrow.  If you do pray daily, I urge you to be there to learn some new insights along with hearing three more ways God speaks to us.

Prayer is powerful and can change anything, I mean anything! 

Pastor Cory