In our ever-changing world, where distractions arise and schedules shift, there are lots of obstacles to a consistent prayer life. The good news is you’re not the only one to face these challenges! Here are three simple steps to having a life with constant prayer. 

  • Ask God to help you make time for regular prayer. He knows our challenges and will help us as we make our request known.  According to James 1:5:

God gives wisdom to those who ask, and He will help you as you ask Him.

  • Take control of your calendar.  Put it in your schedule.  Do this!  If you treat prayer as an important meeting or appointment, then you’ll be much more likely to keep it.
  • Stick with it.  Like going to the gym, the muscles you desire do not develop overnight, neither does having an active prayer life. Every new habit takes the time to develop, so be disciplined.  

God delights in His people and wants us to talk with Him, whether at home or at church.  As we make time for prayer, we find the Spirit helping us, and over time, we will cultivate and develop a consistent and enjoyable prayer life!

What is the most important thing you should do in prayer?  What is the one thing that takes your prayers from shooting blanks to hitting targets? What is it that you should do that carries your prayers with power to the throne room of God?

I will answer these questions in Part 4 of Pray Physical.  

Pastor Cory