The sun was setting in the west on a sweltering summer evening as I peered out the bay window in the kitchen of Mr. and Mrs. Copeland’s home while they ate oatmeal. 

It sounds like there may be a good story there. I want to encourage everyone to come this Sunday as I share the rest of this personal story of that evening with Kenneth Copeland’s parents that became a turning point where chasing dreams are concerned.  Come talk with me after church one day if you missed it, too!

Let me take a few moments of your time and ask you some questions, and share with you a few thoughts. Have you ever wondered why some people’s dreams went on to influence their home, city, state, and nation, while others never got past the dreaming stage?  Through the years I’ve spoken with people who tell me in detail about their dreams. Usually, their eyes begin to sparkle with life as they talk about a big dream that’s been infecting their minds – sometimes for years. For me, it’s been incredibly inspiring to see the energy and excitement that overtakes them. Sometimes when I ask someone about their dream, they look at me and are quiet for a few moments. Then they say, “Yes, I have a dream.” Then with great excitement, they proceed to tell me every detail of the dream.

Here’s the disappointing part of all this excitement. All too often the oppression of the urgent, fear, or lack of confidence has pushed their dream so far down that it doesn’t even qualify anymore in their top 10 list of goals, and that’s if they still have any goals that bring excitement. Have you had dreams marinating in your mind, surfacing now and then to fill you with excitement?  Or are they gone?

Remember these words: God is always on the move. He created us to have goals and dreams, to be reaching for more in our life in Christ. When God gives you a dream, it’s really like becoming pregnant; you conceive (think-imagine-see) vision, something new and exciting to you. This dream is something God has planned for you. Here’s the kicker, you have to make it through the pregnancy and get too full-term to birth the fulfillment of the dream.  

So how do we successfully make it through and give birth to our dreams? This Three Part Series will look at several keys that unlock the doors to help you get there, and the first one this Sunday at church is the key that unlocks all the doors.  

Can’t wait to see everyone this Sunday at 10 AM!

Pastor Cory