atf-500x372ACQUIRE THE FIRE 2014

March 28/29

College Park Center (UTA)
601 South Pecan Street • Arlington, TX

Dear Parents,

On March 28th and 29th CORE517 will again be attending the Acquire the Fire (ATF) event in Arlington.  Acquire the Fire is a 27 hour, full-weekend, themed, Christian event that is engineered to deliver the Gospel to young people in an immersive, entertaining, unique, powerful way.  We have seen the lives of many of our youth changed during this event and we are excited to see what God has planned for your teen.

This year’s theme – EPIC TRUTH – takes students on a journey through the clutter and noise of our culture’s barrage of competing ideologies, theories, explanations, and influences to show them the one true, EPIC TRUTH that eclipses the ocean of fictional ideas about life – Jesus Christ.

We implore you to send your child with us.  They will learn, grow and come closer to God by worshiping and interacting in an event that is specifically minded towards teenagers.  They will be supervised at
all times by Youth Pastors, Adult Youth Leaders and Volunteers.  Friday and Saturday nights teens will be sleeping over at two designated homes (1 guy house, 1 girl house) with the event ending Sunday morning at church (yes, we are offering you an entire weekend without your teenager… now that’s worth $40 in itself. Lol).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, for more information on the event you can checkout ATF’s website at

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