Once again, early this morning I drove a 39.1-mile circle while praying over what we have always called our target point.  As I have been driving and praying, that circle has enlarged over the past five and a half years.  Not only does it include what’s inside the 39.1-mile circle, but extends from the passenger side of my truck out 20 miles.  Now that’s a large circle!  

In July and August, we will look at this more concluding with my two summer series messages entitled, “N Sync 2” and “Inhabiting.”  I bring this up because of my new series starting in church next Sunday called, “My Family Circus- Juggling a Family.” While driving, one of my key prayer points, of course, is the family.  I believe this new series will give all of us the tools needed to strengthen our family.

Come One! Come All!  To The Greatest Show On Earth!

Let’s be honest: families are something we all have, and if the truth be known, many of us would like a better one. There’s something inside all of us that would like to see our circus changed!  Why?  There is a big gap between what we see and what we want.

I hope you’ll do whatever it takes to join me for this New Series at North Elevation Church. We are going to discover the tools that will help us have that ideal Family Circus, one that is full of clowns, wild animals, and daredevils!  Don’t Miss It!

Lead Pastor Cory

Train up a child in the way they should go – but be sure you go that way yourself.

Charles Spurgeon