Prayer is a part of every major religion, but there are several distinct differences that make Christianity unique:

  • Christians have been given the greatest of all privileges to know their God personally. 
  • Christians have been given a personal invitation to have the very Spirit of God live inside them. Through His spirit God reveals His very nature to us. 
  • That’s what it means to have a personal relationship with God; you don’t just know about Him, you know Him and you hang out with Him. 
  • No other religion on Earth offers a genuine and very personal relationship with God. The effectiveness of all your prayers, whether at church or during worship, will rise in direct proportion to the depth of your personal relationship with God. 
  • The more sincere effort you put into knowing God’s ways through His amazing Word and His Holy Spirit, (you know the friend Jesus said he was sending to help us) the more attune you will be during prayer. 
  • The more attuned and connected you are in prayer, knowing the will of the Father, the more you will see your prayers answered.
  • Prayer is in part, telling God what we want to happen in our lives. They are called desires. However, there is much more. It’s knowing what God wants to happen and aligning our will with that. 
  • In Prayer, we must understand and recognize who we are praying to. 
  • Prayer is unlike any other conversation we will have during our day. It’s to the only person who can answer those prayers.

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Lead Pastor Cory