Special Offering This Sunday, Oct. 1

This offering will be taken during the regular tithe and offering portion of the service. If you are writing one check and not using an envelope, please clearly indicate the amount in the memo.

Sunday morning we want to give the NEC Family an opportunity to sow seed into Mayan Pastors Roberto May, in the village of Kampocholche, where we are helping him build his church; Gaspar Pech, as he builds a church in the impoverished area of Old Cancun (please understand this is not in any way the tourist area); and Polo Hau, in the village of Senor, which is the center for all outreach into the Mayan Jungle known as the Zone.

On October 6th, Pastor Cory and Elders Jerry Gregg and Gary Hood will be leaving for the Zona Maya. They would like to bring a special offering from the Church Family of NEC to share with these three pastors.


Don’t miss Part 3 and the final message of this life-changing series!

The last two parts of this series have proven to be life-changing, according to some of the people that have gone to both of them. In this series, Paster Cory will show you how to live your life using the following tools:

Sit- our position in Christ
Stand- our attitude toward the Enemy
Walk- our life in the World

Come and grow in your relationship with the lord by joining us for part 3!

Coming October 8th to Cinemark Theatre #3 – THE NAME

Don’t miss this powerful message by Pastor Richelle. Join us in the Cinemark Theatre #3. This beautiful individual lives the life of the lord and is a perfect example of what we should all strive to work towards. Come and get a glimpse of her message with some of your fellow parishioners.

Upcoming Small Groups:

Prayer Small Group: Sept. 28, at 7 pm, at the home of Allison Gray, 7943 Blue Duck Trail, Arlington. This group is held every 2nd & 4th Thursday.
Love and Respect: Sunday, 11:45 am, at the Hope Center, 1805 Owen Ct., Ste. 101, Mansfield.
Adult Small Group – Book of Acts: Wednesdays at 6 pm, in the home of Brenda Hayes, 370 Cagle Crow Rd., Mansfield.

Starting September 17

This is a 5-week small group by Dr. Emmerson & Sarah Eggerichs. Understand that this workshop is not just for couples, it is for anyone who deals with the opposite sex!  Come and enjoy some insight from a duo that can help you improve the way that you’re approaching and working with the opposite sex.

These workshops are held Sundays after church, at 11:45 am at The +Hope Center, 1805 Owen Ct., Ste. 101, Mansfield. Potluck lunch and childcare will be provided if needed.

Attention Parents:

Fusion Express/Babies in theatre room 4; Fusion Kidz in theatre 2.

Core517 Youth meet Wednesdays at 7 pm at the Hope Center, 1805 Owen Ct., Ste. 101, Mansfield.

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